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Patrick Jones - Course author

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Elizabeth April

Light Warrior / Quantum Teacher

Elizabeth April has been receiving massive downloads from the Galactic Federation of Light, the collective frequency, and Mother Gaia herself on what is going on with the vaxxine, and how we can override it. 

EA specializes in working with energy and vibration to encourage and motivate individuals who are needing that extra support.

With Elizabeth’s specialized techniques and tools, you will learn:
  • How to transmute negative, low vibrational energy.
  • How to bring conscious awareness to every moment. 
  • How to discern what is right for YOU. 
  • How to neutralize your reaction to the vaxxine.  
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Light Warrior / Expert in transmuting disharmonic frequencies 

Sharma has done tons of work with portal activations, deactivations and transmuting that energy. 
Sharma specializes in working with individuals who have reptilian or entity attachments, transmuting disharmonic energy from the body.

With Sharma’s specialized techniques and tools, you will learn:
  • How to ground your energy
  • How to raise your vibration above the fear frequency
  • How to work with all four bodies of your Human.
  • How to override and cleanse your energetic body. 


Where do I go if I need help?

Send an email to and our tEAm should be able to answer all of your biggest questions!

How do I connect with others?

Check out the Cosmic Society Membership for free!! There you can connect to other like-minded Starseeds! Welcome to the tEAm! 

How quickly should I go through the lessons?

This content can be consumed all at once! However, it is imperative that you APPLY the tools and information rather than just consume it, so give yourself some time to integrate.

Can I view this content offline?

Unfortunately right now System Override only supports online streaming. However, this course does have a few downloadable course materials.

Does this course offer medical advice?

No, this course is for entertainment purposes only. We encourage you to use your own discernment when making big decisions for yourself and your loved ones. 


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