The Cosmic Womb

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  • Author
    Elizabeth April
  • Level
  • Video Lessons
  • Total Time
    8.5 Hours
    7 Bonuses!

It's Time to Focus on...

Physical | Spiritual | Emotional | Intuition

What's Included?

A full pregnancy overview helping you through getting pregnant, being pregnant and giving birth!

Pre-Pregnancy Lessons

Feel supported and guided BEFORE getting pregnant with these pre-pregnancy lessons. EA shares tips and tricks on how she got pregnant. 

BONUS: Manifesting Pregnancy Mini Book!

A short e-book written to help you manifest getting pregnant! 

During Pregnancy Lessons

The focus of this course is helping you align your mind, body and soul while being pregnant. 

BONUS: 75 Page Pregnancy Planner!

A fully packed pregnancy planner for all the things you need to organize! 

Labour & Birth Lessons

Lessons to help prepare you for the journey of birth and labour, no matter what your plan is!

Extra Bonuses

  • Completion Certificate
  • 3x Manifestation Videos
  • Amazon Must Haves'
  • Breastfeeding Tips
  • Postpartum Recovery
  • Cosmic Womb Community Forum
most important affirmation throughout the journey:

My body knows exactly what to do, and I am ready to listen!

Meet the instructor

Elizabeth April

Hi everyone! I'm Elizabeth, a first-time mom and truth seeker. Through the pregnancy journey, my intuition was activated greatly as new information came flooding through on how to navigate parenthood for myself and other Starseeds - what an incredible gift! Join me in this beautiful experience of unlocking our inner wisdom together.
Patrick Jones - Course author